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  • Product Description

      Use as a travel organizer, coin purse or a cosmetic bag. Made with heritage handloomed cotton and soft natural suede leather; finished with a soft cotton lining.

      Material: Cotton Jacquard / Leather
      Inner Slit Pocket
      Zip Closure


      The fabric used in these bags was handwoven by hundreds of tribal women from the state of Nagaland, in the northeastern tip of India. The "back-strap" looms they use are tied around their waist and the outstretched legs create the tension needed to weave the yarn. It is a colorful tradition that has been perfected over centuries. Brightly colored geometric shapes have been historically used in Naga sarongs to publicly display one's tribal allegiances. These looms produce a rugged texture that we love.


      Dimensions :

      8.5 x 8 in


      Artisan Description : 

      Bloom & Give supports the education of girls throughout India. Education helps these girls escape the vicious cycle of childhood marriage, pre-teen pregnancy, and domestic abuse. When a girl goes to school, she lives a healthier life, earns more, and makes her community stronger. Educated girls are crucial to erasing global poverty and minimizing conflict. Bloom & Give are deeply invested in their artisan communities and the continued success of the co-ops they support is critically important to the futures of the young women in the community.


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