Borneo Medio Straw Tote Bag with White Roman Tassels



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Borneo Medio Straw Tote Bag with White Roman Tassels


  • Product Description

      Borneo Straw Tote Bag with meticulously made tassels in lush Balinese Forest color palette. Each tote bag is numbered according to the order of how each bag was made. Only 1 item available for each design.

      Beautifully crafted in Borneo, made with natural soft rattan straw. Handcrafted by local artisans and beautified by handmade tassels.

      Dimensions & Details

      Height: about 12 inches
      Width: about 18 inches
      Depth: about 7.5 inches ( stretched )
      Bag handle height: about 9.5 inches
      Material: Natural Rattan Straw from Borneo

      All of our collections are handmade. There might be irregularities that add to its one of a kind nature. You will never be sent an item that has rips, tears, or stains.

      Artisan Description is a Californian plant-based fashion line established in 2017. They represent the voice of local artisans in Bali and other provinces of Indonesia who work from the comfort of their own home while nurturing their children and family. They are known for their island-hopping bags & accessories collection which are sourced directly from local farmers. Their vision empowers local talent to preserve Indonesian culture.