Acacia Serving Rounded Cutting Board



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Acacia Serving Rounded Cutting Board


  • Product Description

      Cutting board by ZavisGreen can do it all! From meal prep to serving cheeses and cut grilled meats, these boards provide the ideal surface for cutting with ease. No damage to your kitchen counters or tabletops. 100% made from plantation grown Acacia wood. Easy to care for and dishwasher safe.


      20" X 11"

      Artisan Description

      Zavis Green - It was our desire to leave a world worth living in for our children and that became the driving force behind the creation of the ZavisGreen. With all the innovation available in today’s world, we knew there was a better way. A more sustainable way. And by using better raw materials and manufacturing with less of an environmental impact, we knew we could make a positive difference. With this in mind, it became our mission to produce high quality kitchen products made from sustainable wood products and renewable sources. It is our belief that beautiful, high quality products can be created without contributing to the world-wide deforestation issue that our planet currently faces. 


      USA - Pennsylvania