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about us

Comprised of collections inspired by our love for travel and immersing ourselves in exhilarating new cultures, Coco Blanco Home is an online home decor boutique intertwining luxury lifestyle + the highest quality handmade treasures from around the world.

what is a curator of artisan goods?

Delray Beach reisdent and founder Gloria Blanco takes on the role of curator, sourcing sustainably made pieces from every corner of the world that both support artisans in their traditional craft, and tell a story of their own-- whether that be from it's unique place of origin or process of creation.

Each one of our pieces are artfully curated with the conscience consumer in mind; not only for the preservation of the artisan's craft and traditions, but our planet as well.

quality over quantity

At CBH, "Fair Trade" is more than just a saying on a label. We pride ourselves on ensuring our collections of global artistry are both ethically sourced + sustainably made, meaning that every one of our artisan partners receive fair wages for their beautiful craftsmanship. You can shop with confidence knowing that every purchase supports multiple moving parts: the curator in her community, the artisans & their traditions worldwide, and the planet through use of recycled and sustainable materials.

from the artisan, to the curator, to you.

Explore all of our collections, or shop by country and get ready to transform your home into the indoor oasis you've always dreamed of, rich with history and culture.