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When we travel we love to immerse ourselves in the local culture, exploring the food, the people, and the goods that are tied to that specific region. Whether stateside or abroad, travel is our passion and we love to bring a bit of each journey back with us to display in our home. Each piece we choose represents the local culture, handcrafted by a local artisan. This tradition of supporting local artists and displaying interesting pieces from our travels has carried on in our household for years, resulting in a space that is visually unique and rich with memories of each journey. And that is our goal here at Coco Blanco - to bring you unique pieces for your home while supporting local artisans.

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an artisan curator

What exactly is an “artisan curator” you may be asking? For me, it comes first from asking myself what it is I’m looking for when choosing goods to sell to our customers — is it the store or the workshop that attracts me? Is it the point of view of the artist, or their experience? Whether it is the item or the creator that speaks to me, ultimately each piece brings me a sense of joy and a feeling of excitement to be able to share it with others. By defining my own basis of quality, I’m able to navigate the artisan waters and find products, goods, and vendors that I respect and truly love so I can bring them to you!

quality over quantity

We are passionate about discovering artists and designers who produce not only quality goods, but goods that are unique and sustainably-made. As a result of their focus on quality, many of these artists have very small productions - often just a handful of items. Others may offer a slightly larger array. This means that all of our products are limited in quantity and small-batch made. They are sure to be unique pieces that you can feel good about buying!

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something a little unique

Coco Blanco is the perfect place to find unique pieces for your home, that gift for the person who has it all, or even a little something for your cherished fur baby. We are constantly on the hunt for new treasures to add to our collection that not only will enhance your home but make you feel good about what you bought and who you are supporting with that purchase.

Thanks for checking us out! We hope you love our online store as much as we do.