Unique Artisan-Made Home Accents: What They Are And Why They Matter

It seems like “artisan” is a hot buzz word we’re hearing everywhere right now. You’ve no doubt heard of artisan-made jewelry or artisan bread. But what does this term really mean? By definition, this term describes a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. An artisan is simply someone who makes things. Long ago, everything was made by artisans. Today, too much of what fills our houses is made by factory workers and machines. If you don’t feel the charm of having something made by a robot in your home and having the exact same piece as millions of others, you are certainly not alone. A focus on artisan-made goods means quality over quantity. This is why artisan-made items are rising in popularity again!
You want the pieces in your home to tell a story! If you’re looking for something a little unique and truly special, artisan home goods are what you are searching for. Coco Blanco is here to make it easier than ever to connect you with craftspeople around the world who hand make beautiful, small batch items. Some artisans may create 50 similar items, others will make a dozen or less, but since they are handcrafted- each and every item is truly one of a kind. 
Some artists we work with are here in the United States, like Delray Beach, Florida and Kentucky. Others are as far away as Africa. Imagine your guests asking about a stunning basket in your home and being able to tell them the grasses were hand woven by women in Zambia, packaged with care, and delivered to you. You can also show off soaps made by a family and fragrances expertly put together by someone who cares about the health and happiness of those in your home. A farmer will use locally-sourced, beautiful botanicals and wildflowers that surround their land to create wreaths, sachets, and potpourris. Maybe it’s a throw blanket made from carefully-chosen wool and then created on a loom by someone taught to do so by their grandmother. You can’t get this kind of careful selection and craftsmanship from something made on a factory line. 
While filling your home with handcrafted items is the best way to create a place of peace and beauty, it isn’t just about the benefits these items bring to you. You’re actually helping the artisans as well! These master craftspeople produce quality products made with the utmost care, yet it is difficult for them to compete with major corporations. Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Zambia are just a few of the African places where the local communities greatly benefit from artisan items being shipped overseas. Your Coco Blanco purchase means money is being sent to these people, often mothers and fathers who use the funds to support their family and pay for their children to have an education. You are supporting a small farm, owned by the family for generations. You are allowing an artist to make a living creating the medium they feel passionate about. 
From minimalist, clean and contemporary to island-inspired to exotic styles, there are artisan-made home accent pieces and accessories that will match any decor. We work with incredibly talented artisans from across the globe that make beautiful handmade products. Mass production has taken away much of the uniqueness of home pieces. Our goal is to bring more exposure and work to the artisan communities, enabling them to continue their traditional crafts. Coco Blanco is the perfect place to find the details for your space, because we’re always on the lookout for new treasures to add to our collection. 
It’s not often that purchasing something for your home you really want, something that looks beautiful, feels supple, or smells heavenly, is at the same time allowing you to contribute in a meaningful way. Purchasing these items is what is best for everyone!
Images courtesy of Hillhouse Naturals.