Travel Candle Tins - Reusable and Ready for Adventure

Sustainable, handmade, and luxurious candles with notes inspired by nature's most serene scents. This is the quality Coco Blanco Home crafts with each hand pour. Not only have we created the highest quality candle for your home, but you can now bring your favorite fragrance with you anywhere in a sleek new travel tin. Here’s why having travel tin candles are an absolute MUST for any traveler or hostess!

3 reasons you should be purchasing travel tin candles in 2022

We’re creatures of comfort.

Being able to bring your favorite scents with you, especially on your travels is so comforting! It allows you to make any space feel like home. Perhaps you’re traveling abroad, or maybe you’re embarking on a local staycation- whatever it may be, having a travel tin or two on hand allows you to create a space of comfort that you’ll desire. Having a scent you’re familiar with or that brings you back to a moment in time is so special. 

And while traveling is an amazing experience, at times it could get lonely. Having a scent that is familiar can bring you comfort when away from home, not to mention using travel tins to make your guests feel more at home! We love placing a Coco Blanco Signature Travel Tin on bedsides, so guests can create the ambiance in their room with lasting memories that can be more than just photos, but a memorable scent to reminisce on and cherish.

Guest Houses, Air BnB’s, and VRBO’s Galore.

If you’re a host of an AirBnB or vacation rental, and you don’t have travel tins on hand- then you’re doing it wrong! Travel tins for your guests are a thoughtful yet inexpensive way to go that extra mile. The best part of a vacation is taking a piece of it home with you. That was actually the inspiration of Coco Blanco Home! So what a clever idea of letting your guests take home a travel tin after their stay?! Run, don't walk!

The Best Gifts.

Speaking of running, don’t we all hate the feeling of running around searching for a last minute birthday gift, mothers day gift, or housewarming gift and having absolutely no clue what to get? …You guessed it, CBH travel tins! 4 oz hand poured coconut and soy wax blend of pure bliss. Store them in your home so that you can easily pop it into a gift bag and be on your way to your next event. These easy to pack & virtually unbreakable candles make a great last minute gift that is not only easy on your wallet and mind, but will come from a place of thoughtfulness- and not to mention supporting a local lantix women-owned & run business!

Vessels as strong as their scent.

If you’re looking for a candle to keep out and light for when your guests come over, then we highly suggest you go with our coveted 12 oz. glass vessels that can be reused and repurposed. But if you’re looking for a candle on the go and haven’t been convinced yet, then allow us one last reasoning: Our sleek and matte black (not to mention trendy) travel tins are virtually unbreakable!! Pop some into your luggage and when you arrive, all will be well. No broken glass to worry about and the quality of the candle is just the same as their highly rated predecessors.

Each candle is designed to “take you someplace” ; both tin and glass are created to fuel your imagination. Wanting to relax? Try MAR, the Eucalyptus and Sea Salt scented fragrance. It will make you feel like you’re unwinding at the spa or sitting by the ocean. Needing to be inspired? Light our most popular CIELO, with notes of fig & coconut santal, is great for a mood boost. Need grounding? TIERRA is the one for you. With notes of black currant and suede this smokey scent will surround you with earth’s natural elements. 

As travel can be increasingly stressful, travel candle tins have become more popular than ever as people try to find ways to calm down and make their temporary accommodations feel homier. With the growth of vacation rentals, people are big on bringing a bit of their own personality to the space. A travel tin candle is the BEST way to do that for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.