How We Support Our Artisans

We believe that talent and craftsmanship truly live everywhere! When we travel, we take an extra moment to soak up everything a community has to offer, from traditional fare to the best-kept secrets of sustainable goods the local artisans use. There is no surprise that we brought Coco Blanco to life after experiencing this quality craftsmanship first hand. 

How We Partner With Them 

It is easy to select just any artisan, but to be a part of the Coco Blanco brand, we want to see something different from the rest. We find an immense amount of joy when we see an artisan that is not only skilled in what they do but passionate about a the product they create. Our team spends the time and effort to identify only the best of the best! Because of this, we may partner with an artisan that produces a smaller quantity of goods.

Regardless, we take pride in our artisans. We know that not only are they utilizing sustainable materials, but they are incredibly passionate about producing the best quality products. They are more than just artisans to us. They truly are an extension of the Coco Blanco team. 

We Aim To Make An Impact

When we decide to work with an artisan, we know that we will make an impact on both ends! Thanks to our loyal customers who understand the importance of sustainable products, we can support the artisans who often reside in remote areas of the world as well those right here in the US. Knowing that we help them make a difference in their daily lives is something we cherish. 

Not only are we making an impact in the world of our artisans, but in our communities, alike! When you choose to utilize a sustainable product, you eliminate the pollution that would come along with creating a cheaper-more processed version. Additionally, choosing a sustainable product that will last a lifetime keeps unnecessary goods from heading to landfills.

Here at Coco Blanco, it is much more than just a product. It is a lifestyle change that impacts both our planet and artisans, alike! We are proud to offer you quality sustainable products that will look great and last a lifetime, all while supporting local communities and artisans. Shopping with us is more than just a transaction. It is an experience.